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Graffiti Heaven is about living the afterlife of a graffitist who refuses to give up. Even in death, his soul remains inside the graffiti. It is your objective to guide him in a journey to make his last wish a reality. You can move inside the colors of your paint freely, but if you wish to paint new drawings, all you need is to spend a little paint. Watch out though, if your paint is over, it’s game over. The game features real graffiti photographed by the development team.

Graffiti Heaven started as Luis Bento’s course project during the second edition of the Videogame Design and Programming course in 2011.


  • Luis F. Bento (team leader and developer)
  • Marco Mosconi (programming and web development)
  • Stefano Zaniboni (programming)
  • Stefano Mosconi (web development)
  • Claudio Scamporlino (Graphics)