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In Dirty Little Bunnies, you defend your device that has been “infected” by a multitude of sweet and tender bunnies. Don’t be fascinated by their soft tail or their long ears!
If you don’t stop them, they will quickly spread out on your screen and take over your device! How will they grow? Simply, using their tenderness!

Dirty Little Bunnies started as Cristiano Pedersini’s course project during the second edition of the Videogame Design and Programming course in 2012.


  • Cristiano Pedersini (game concept, programming, music)
  • Sergio Andaloro (programming, graphics)
  • Roberto Carettoni (programming)
  • Valerio Ceraudo (programming, 3d modeling)
  • Davide Coppo (music)
  • Yi Wang (graphics)
  • Erika Barrese (arts)